CapRite “Quickie Protector”
Thread Protection Evolved!

Patented Thread-less Design

Introducing the first significant Patent improvements in the Thread Protection Industry since the 1920s!


Proprietary Push/Pull Design = Better Safety Compliance via instant installation and removal for inspection, storage, trip to rig floor and removal for making connection

Fewer Injuries

  • Reduce pinch points and hand contact, keeping hands and fingers out of dangerous area.
  • No tools required.
  • Less time spent in buffer zones.

Well Control

Reduces time out of hole.

Well Integrity, Longevity

Significantly mitigates risk of thread and joint damage by eliminating jamming and the need to use tools to loosen jammed “traditional” protectors.


Time is Money! Experience massive time and efficiency gain by utilizing our product, especially during long string production casing runs.


Our product single-handedly cuts operators’ and casing crews’ average overall cap removal time. In recent demonstrations, our clients saw an increased run speed of 30-40 seconds per joint, saving 10-20% time and cost, respectively.

Rhythm and Motion

Possibly more important than speed during a casing run, rhythm is vital from a productivity standpoint, as well as safety and ergonomics.

If one traditional thread protector is jammed, the entire operation is halted while the rig crew scrambles to loosen it and catch back up. This is where/when the majority of mistakes and injuries happen.

Consistency and flow are vital components in pursuit of maximum efficiency on site.

Cleaner and Greener – Environmental Awareness

  • Less mess: Our product requires less protective thread compound when installed at the pipe manufacturer, which means less to power wash off for inspection on location, minimizing time and environmental impact.
  • Running Clean: If pipe is delivered with traditional thread protectors and cleaned/inspected as usual, simply install “Quickies” at that time to prevent reintroduction of old compounds, dirt, sand, etc., prior to running downhole.
  • Multiple use: Our products are designed to last! Whether delivered on-pipe directly from the manufacturer or through our ”Running” rental program, our caps are cycled, collected, cleaned, inspected, and recycled numerous times — drastically reducing waste, compared to traditional thread protection products.
  • Fewer is Better: CapRite’s friction grip design allows each OD diameter size Quickie to cover all ID and thread pattern variations, vastly reducing excess inventory and resource consumption industry-wide.
CapRite “Quickie Protector” 1
CapRite “Quickie Protector” 2

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